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Mac repair FAQs

  • Will you offer to buy my laptop if it is beyond repair?
    Yes, we can buy your laptop if its broken beyond repair, contact us for details
  • Can you order a part and let me come once the part is in?
    Yes we are very happy to do this and can pre-order a part for your device once an assessment has been completed. You will be asked to pay for the full repair up front before taking your device away and will be asked to return within 2 working days once notified that the part has arrived.
  • How quickly can you repair my Mac?
    If a Mac repair requires a replacement part after diagnosis, the part has to be ordered. In cases where parts are in stock, we can turn a repair around in 2-4 days. If we need to other parts for the repair this can arrive within 3 - 7 working days.
  • Is my data secure with you ?
    We can assure you that your data will be secure and will not be open to any type of data breech - if you really don't want to send us your password then thats fine as we can work around locked accounts, simply put a dash in the password section on the booking form, so you know nobody can even see your data
  • How do I know it's safe to send it via courier ?
    We only use trusted high quality couriers who offer the best service - over the years we have tried most companies to provide our services and now we have narrowed it down to just two - DPD and UPS - both household names that you know you can trust.

Warranty FAQs

  • How much warranty do i get with my repair?
    We offer a comprehensive 90 days repair warranty unless otherwise stated on the repair page. If during this time the same problem re-surfaces we will repair the issue at no extra cost to the customer and if this is not possible a refund will be issued (after inspection) less our admin fee and postal costs. Warranty does not cover new faults that surface after a repair is completed.  See our terms and conditions for more information.